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Layers of Turkısh in Balkan Languages Consıstıng of The Immıgratıon of Turks to The Balkans and Examples of Turkıshısm in Some Regıonal Languages

There are three layers of language influencessettled in one after the other in Turkish on the Balkan Peninsula. Theremaining language balance of the Turkish tribes that came from the north forms the first layer of this. The second language layer belongs to Turkmens who came from Anatolia in the 13th century. The third layer was added with the arrival of the Ottoman Turks to the region which was a turning point in the Balkans. Ottoman sovereignty in the peninsula, as in many other areas, has left a strong influence on the languages of the regionand because of this there are thousands of Turkish origin words in the Balkan languages. Languagewoud have been one of the most decisive feature of ethnic identity in the Balkans. Thereforestudies in this area were also carried out to revive nationalist ideas in the revolts that started in the early 19th century.


Balkans, Language layers, Linguistics, Turkishism.

Author : Hakan ARIDEMİR - Hacer ZORLU UĞUR
Number of pages: 1050-1073
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