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Examination of Multiple Intelligence Fields of Candidates Entering Special Skill Exam in Sports Science Field

Intelligence has an very important role in coming an athlete to upper levels. This research aimed to examine the types and states of intelligence of the candidates taking special talent examinations in the physical education and sports department. The universe of this research consists of candidates taking special talent examinations in school of physical education and sports Turkey, the sample group consists of the candidated taking special talent examinations in Gaziantep University, School of Physical Education and Sports. The eight types of intelligence specified by Gardner (1993) in his Multiple Intelligence Theory, were studied. The range of scores ranges from between not very advanced to advanced. The normality of the data was examined and the research data showed a normal distribution. In data analysis Independent Sample T Test and One Way ANOVA Test were used. The findings revealed out statistically of significant results in terms of variables of gender, sport branchs age, economic situation and acceptance to sports department. As a result, nature intelligence, physical intelligence and social intelligence field are important for candidates who are prepared for physical education departments. The results were found in countenance of the candidates in the 23-25 age group. Candidates are encouraged to participate in activities that can improve themselves.


Sports, Sports Sciences, Multiple Intelligence, Special talent

Author : Burak GÜRER - Duygu POLAT, Mürsel BİÇER
Number of pages: 1613-1628
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