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Muhammed Ali Lahur’s Lıfe And Hıs Image Of The Prophet Saw

Mevlâna Muhammed Ali was born in India, in 1874. He had his education at the Government College in Lahore and had held positions as a lawyer and lecturer. He joined the Ahmadiyyah Movement in 1897. He left the movement partly in 1914, and moved to Lahore where he established the Lahore branch of the Ahmadiyyah school. He died in Karachi on 13 October 1951 and was buried in Lahore. He was an author who produced numerous works on tafsir, hadith, history, prophetic biography, aqeedah, kalam, and the subjects of the Ahmadiyyah school. His book Siretü Hayri’l Beşer, which is based on the life of the Prophet saw, had been translated into the Ottoman language and Turkish as Peygamberimiz (Our Prophet). Additionally has this book been translated into more than thirty languages, and it has been published in numerous countries. Muhammad Ali has presented his image of the Prophet Mohammed. in this work, in which he made use of the classical Islamic history and the western sources.


Muhammed Ali Lahori, Islam, History of İslam, Prophetic Biyography, Hz. Muhammad

Author : Zekeriya AKMAN
Number of pages: 1173-1187
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