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New Socıalızatıon Spaces: Shoppıng Centers

Theprocess of globalization has led to some changes in the social and cultural characteristics of societies. Consumer goods, brandsor “American -style living” habits that spread rapidly throughout the world have affected people. This has ledtotheemergence of theconcept of consumercultureandacceptance in society. Torelatetheconcept of consumptiontotheeconomy is not enoughtoexplaintheconcept. Today, everything is consumedbypeople. Themostimportant element consumed is thevalues in thesociety. Thedepletion of values is aboutculturalelementsthatbringpeopletogetherandunite. Inthis sense, theconcept of socialization has been distanced from its traditional meaning and new socialization or time toget her spaces have been created. Today, althoughshoppingcentersbringtomindthecommercialactivitiesandconsumption, perhapsthemostimportantpointthatweignore is thattheyappear as centerswherevalues areconsumed.


Consumption, Shopping Center, Globalization, SocializationPage.

Author : İbrahim AKKAŞ
Number of pages: 874-883
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