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The Independence Struggles of Ismail Kemal Vlora 1912-1914

The Ottoman statesman and politician Ismail Kemal Vlora was one of the famous name of Sultan Abdulhamid II and Costitution Period II. He was a member of the Albanian national movement, living in 1847-1919. He devoted his life to the political activities against to the Ottoman administration. He travelled to some cities of Europe senior diplomats and political statesmen. In 1912 with the outbreak of the First Balkan War, Ismail Kemal rose up and declared the creation of an independent Albania in Vlora. On 20 December 1912, The Conference of Ambassadors in London, it was to have a civil administration that would be run by the International Control Commission. He was forced to resign on 22 January 1914 and transferred government authority to it. Then he went into exile to Italy, Barcelona and France and he died in Italy. In this study, I will try to explain his political struggles for Albanian independence in 1912-1914.


Ismail Kemal Vlora, Balkan Wars, Scutari, Ioannina, The Question of Albanian Independence, Ismail Kemal’s Provisional Government.

Author : İhsan Burak BİRECİKLİ
Number of pages: 592-620
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