English Language Teachers’ Professional Sense of Self-Efficacy

Author : Sibel ASLAN - Mehmet Nuri GÖMLEKSİZ
Number of pages : 1546-1583


The aim of this study is to determine professional sense of self-efficacy beliefs of the primary school, secondary school and high school English language teachers. The purposes were dealt with as quantitative and qualitative. The study group of the quantitative study consists of English language teachers who work at all of the primary, secondary and high schools in the Elazig city center in 2017-2018 academic year, at first term. 295 teachers from 112 schools attended to the study. 30 teachers were reached for the qualitative dimension. In this study, mixed research design was used. A reliable and valid “English Language Teacher Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale” and “English Language Teacher Sense of Self-Efficacy Interview Form” were used to determine teachers’ professional senses of self-efficacy in the study. When examined the results, a significant difference was not concluded according to several variables. Some recommendations are offered based on the research findings.


English Teacher, Professional Self-Efficacy, Sense of Self-Efficacy.


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