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Candidate Teachers’ Views on Candidate Teacher Training Process (The case of Gaziantep-Osmaniye Provinces )

In 2016, a new candidate teacher training program was introduced for teachers who are new to the profession. The aim of this study is to reveal prospective teachers' views on this new candidate teacher training process. In this study, the case study of qualitative research methods was used. The participants of the study consisted of 35 prospective teachers included in the candidate teaching process in Gaziantep and Osmaniye. The data of the study were collected by semi-structured interview form and analyzed using content analysis. According to the results of the study, prospective teachers have more negative opinions about the candidate teacher training process and the directive about the subject. Candidate teachers have more positive opinions about school administrators’, advisors’ and their own roles in the process. Candidate teachers stated the advantages of the process as gaining experience, completing the process at the place of residence and introducing professional institutions. Excessive forms, perceived internship, lack of effect on students, no additional fees and lack of summer vacation were asserted by the participants as disadvantages of the process. In the study, various suggestions are presented according to the results of the research.


Candidate teacher training program, program evaluation, teacher training

Yazar : Rabia SARICA - - Esen TURAN ÖZPOLAT
Sayfa Sayısı: 186-217
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