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A Revıew on Inhabıted Place Names of Espıye Dıstrıct of Gıresun

The discipline that examines the way in which names are given, the meaning and the change they have undergone are called toponomy. Toponomy is a discipline where researchers and interested people from many fields work in our country. Although many researchers from various disciplines such as history, geography and especially literature put forward various works about the Turkish toponomy at the national and international scale the number of places where place names are not examined so far is quite high. Increasing the number of such studies; it will be proof to keep the history of our country alive and to preserve its cultural values.Espiye, one of the largest and historical districts of Giresun, has 28 settled villages. All of these villages have their own names. Names of places in the district that have hosted different civilizations and different cultures in previous periods used in different ways in the past years and has reached today. The names of the place bear signs of the history, culture and ethnic identity of people living in the area. This is why Turkey decode the place names within its borders is important. In our study, the names of settlements of Espiye district will be analyzed and grouped in different ways according to their forms of establishment.


Giresun, Espiye, Place Names, Toponomy, Residential Place Names

Yazar : Serdar BULUT - - Mustafa ORAL - Osman ALBAYRAK - Cihat BIÇAKCI
Sayfa Sayısı: 753-811
Tam Metin:
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