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Amid (Diyarbakir) in The Middle Age According to Islamic Geographers

With the settled life of mankind, the city life has had an important place for man since ancient times. The cities, which are established near the river and close to water, suitable for agriculture and easy to reach, have attracted people who are the people and people. One of these cities, which we named after, is the city of Âmid (Diyarbakir) in Upper Mesopotamia. The city of Âmid, founded on the banks of the Tigris River, had an important place since the ancient times and continued its importance in the Middle Ages. IX-X on the other hand, in the 19th century, with the development of geography in the Islamic world, Muslim geographers have made important works on geography. In these works, Muslim geographers gave important information about the geography, countries, regions and cities of the Islamic world. This is why Muslim geographers have also provided considerable information with the city of Âmid (Diyarbakir), which is in an important position for Muslims in the Middle Ages and located in al-Djazira. In this study, the political situation of the city of Âmid in the Middle Ages is explained and the information given by the Islamic geographers about the city has been compiled and evaluated.


Âmid, Diyâr Bakr, al-Djazira

Author : Mustafa AYLAR
Number of pages: 1384-1412
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