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A Gokturk Prıncess at The Palace of Persıa Durıng The Sasanıds: Fakım

The great political alliances took place between the powerful states in many stages of history. Most of these alliances were consolidated by political marriages. One of these political marriages took place between the Sasanids and the Gokturks. As a result of the political marriages against the Hephthalites; Fakım, the daughter of Istemi Yabgu, got married to Khosrov I, the ruler of Sasanids, and went as a bride to Sassanian palace. This alliance caused to the liquidation of Hephthalites. Therefore, Sassanian-Gokturk alliance is viewed as one of the most important developments in history. After the fall of the Hephthalites, some political disputes took place between Gokturk and Sasanids and this alliance between them lasted a short time. However, we can see that this princess going to the Sassanian court never turned back, but did remain there. The name of this princess, according to some Islamic sources, was Kakım. Yet, the main sources call her father as Kakım. So, it is possible that as a result of the wrong spelling of the name “Fakım” it may result from the copyist’s error. It can be seen that this Gokturk princess, like her father, Istemi Yabgu, had a powerful personality. The greatest sign of that is that she was able to bring his son on the Sassanian throne after Khosrov I. As can be seen, it signifies the strength of Fakım in Sassanian court, although she was a princess of foreign origin when compared to other native wifes of Khosrov I.


Sasanids, Gokturks, Khosrov I, Istemi Yabgu, Fakım

Author : Ahmet ALTUNGÖK
Number of pages: 1258-1280
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