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Opinions of Russian Speaking Parents and Their Children on Reasons for Learning Turkish as a Foreign Language and Turkish Culture

In this study, Russian speaking foreign families’ and their children’s main reasons of learning Turkish were investigated. In the study, the knowledge and awareness status of participants in terms of Turkish culture were also examined. Another dimensions that was investigated in the study was the participants’ self efficacy in terms of contribution of learning Turkish to learn Turkish culture. For the last 30 years, as a result of political, economic and cultural changes in the world geography; especially with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there is a rapid increase in the number of foreign nationals coming from the countries that left this union and from Europe, foreigners started to settle intensively in Antalya and / or spent most of the year within the mentioned provincial borders. In the study, the study group consisted of 26 parents and 26 children from the same family. The data were collected from participants through a 14-question interview form. According to the results obtained from the study, parents generally learn Turkish to meet their daily needs. Parents indicate that the main reason of children's learning Turkish is to attend an educational program in Turkey. Besides, parents think that they have little, their children have moderate knowledge of Turkish culture. Parents also state that learning Turkish language contributed a lot to themselves and their children in recognition of Turkish culture.


Turkish as a foreign language, Turkish culture, residents living in Antalya, culture.

Author : Ümit YILDIZ - Gülsüm SERTOĞLU
Number of pages: 1101-1121
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