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A Comparison Between Resat Nuri's Story of Recm and The Novel Vurun Kahpeye by Halide Edip

Resat Nuri Guntekin and Halide Edip Adıvar, as the constituent novelists of the Republican Period, mainly dealt with the national struggle of the Turkish nation and focused on a number of such topics common during the national struggle period as illiteracy, poverty and superstitious beliefs as the widespread problems to overcome. In this regard, as the significant problems of that period, the struggles against illiteracy, poverty and superstitions were the issues handled in the Recm story in Resat Nuri's first story book of Recm, Gençlik ve Güzellik and in the novel Vurun Kahpeye by Halide Edip. In our presentation, we will deal with the similarities and differences of these two literary works based on comparative method . The main reason why these two works were handled in this study is that the notion of recm (stonning to death) was never addressed except for these literary works. Recm, as a punishment practice based on sharia rules, was covered in these novels depending on the conditions of that period and in these works it was used as a symbolic punishment practice.


Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Recm, Halide Edip Adıvar, Vurun Kahpeye, Comparison

Author : Oğuzhan KARABURGU
Number of pages: 1092-1100
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