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Ottoman-Russian Rivalry on Hakkari Nestorians before the World War I according to Ottoman archives documents

The multi-religious-sectarian-ethnicity structure of the Middle East has provided the colonial powers with great opportunities to intervene in the region. Minority groups living in the region have been turned into one of the foreign policy instruments of the great states since the 19th century by emphasizing their ethno-religious identities. The Nestorians living in Hakkari Region became one of the communities that could easily turn into the argument of the regional policies of the great states with the promises of independent state and autonomous state. A great rivalry began between the Ottoman Empire and Russia to get the Nestorians before starting of the World War I. The Nestorians took the part of Russia, and on May 10, 1915 they rebelled against the Ottoman Empire, which made great efforts to protect and get themselves. The rebellion, which occurred in an intersection where the Ottoman Empire -fighting on many fronts- had difficulty in providing internal security, was easily suppressed despite the fact that the Ottoman Empire could take action about five months later.


World War I, Nastorians, Russian Politics, Ottoman Empire

Author : Alpaslan ÖZTÜRKCİ
Number of pages: 1281-1297
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