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Analysıs of Republıcan Perıod Hıgh School Englısh Lesson Currıcula

From the first years of the republic, an English lesson has always had an important place in high school curricula and it has taken place in all curricula since 1924. Especially in 1945 and afterward it has become more important and has maintained its significance so far. This study was carried out to analyse the changes in high school English lesson curricula historically. In this study, the document analysis method which is a qualitative research method was used and eleven high school curricula which were prepared between 1924 and 2011, were studied. The high school curricula and the announcement journals published by National Education Ministry were examined, the related resources were searched, and the data were collected to present the situation of English lesson curricula in the historical process. When generally examined, the first high school curriculum of our republican period was prepared in 1924 and it has been changed 10 times up to now. From 1924 to 1973, 7 high school curricula were prepared, and no changes were made in the English lesson curriculum except for the class hours. The first comprehensive high school English lesson curriculum was prepared in 1973. This curriculum was in use until 2011 and undergone very little change. In 2011, a comprehensive change has been made in the high school English lesson curriculum.


English course, curricula, high school, republican period

Author : Yafes CAN - Şefik KARTAL
Number of pages: 394-426
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