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An Investigation of Metaphorical Perceptions of Preservice Teachers towards Teaching Principles and Methods Course

In this study, a qualitative research method was utilized to identify preservice teachers’ perceptions towards teaching principles and methods course via various metaphors. The study group of the research consisted of second grade preservice teachers attending classroom, computer and education technologies, early childhood, elementary mathematics and art teaching programs and successfully completing teaching principles and methods course in the spring term of the 2017-2018 academic year at the Education Faculty of Gazi Osman Pasa University. The preservice teachers were asked to complete the following sentence in the interview form: “Teaching principles and methods are like…, because…” For the analysis of the research data, content analysis was employed. According to the findings, the preservice teachers yielded 57 valid metaphors regarding the teaching principles and methods course. The major part of the metaphors are positive such as introduction to teaching profession , guide, water, starting point, life itself, light, jigsaw, whereas the study includes five negative metaphors as follows: milk, grocery store, free of charge, library, quilt, necessity.


Teaching principles and methods course, metaphor, prospective teacher

Author : Nurhak Cem DEDEBALİ - Fevzi DURSUN
Number of pages: 333-354
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Journal of History School
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