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The Major Pseudonyms Used in Simile For “Likened” (Arabic Poetry As An Example)

This study examines the major pseudonyms used to express the adjectives in simile that are used more frequently in classical Arabic and to express in a way that attracts the hearts. For example, the person who distributes his wealth to everyone without distinction is symbolized by likened to the sea to express the degree of his kindness and generosity. Again, the person who finds the opportunity to perform great services to people with the work he does in his office is likened to the Sun or Moon to points to the glory of himself and his office. These and similar pseudonyms have been used frequently in classical Arabic poetry, and in terms of rhetoric, it has added a beauty to poetry. Classical Arabic poetry, which has a deep-rooted history, has been the subject of research in many aspects as a literary genre in which the imagination and meaning power is manifested effectively and has gained appreciation of those interested in literature in terms of form and content. The couplets discussed in this study are also important in terms of understanding the harmony that the pseudonyms add to poetry by using simile, one of the literary arts.


Author : Muhammet Selim İPEK
Number of pages: 489-500
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