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Perceptions Of Political Science And Public Administration Students For Their Own Graduates

The aim of this study is to understand the perceptions of senior students in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration on their own greduates. The research was carried out by using phenomenological approach. Data were collected by an open-ended questionnaire from 124 senior students enrolled in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at İnönü University in the fall semester of 2018-19. Through metaphors, the positive or negative thoughts of senior students about their professions are examined in depth. Metaphors which are divided into two main categories as positive perceptions and negative perceptions are divided into sub-categories: Wise, Hopeful, Unprocessed Mine, Leader and Unemployed, Indecent, Hopeless, Racer. The relationship of participants' perceptions with variables of gender and school success was evaluated separately. While there was no relationship between gender and main and sub-categories, it was observed that general weighted grade point average of students who chose the category of hopeful and wise differed according to other categories.


Political Science, Public Administration, Graduate, Unemployment, Metaphor Analysis

Author : Nazlı NALCI ARIBAŞ - Esra Canpolat GÖKÇE, Mübeyna DOĞAN
Number of pages: 1718-1743
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