Armenıans in The Ottoman-Iran Borders: Actıvıtıes of Iran's Armenıans in The Hakkarı Regıon

Author : Fehminaz ÇABUK
Number of pages : 1341-1364


The Armenians living in the lands of the Ottoman, Iran and Russian did not stop to act together in order to reach the ambition of “Independent Armenia, and to give each other all kinds of assistance. Armenians, by adjusting some routes to them in the Ottoman-Iranian border region, They provided arms smuggling, the transfer of documents with contents against the Ottoman Empire and the passage of deserters through these routes. Hakkari border for the Armenians was a region with important routes. The main reason for the easy organization of the Armenians in the territory of Iran and conducting their activities in Hakkari was the fact that the Iranian State did not exert pressure on the Armenians in the interests of the Iranian State and released them in their actions. All kinds of actions against the Ottoman Empire had the opportunity to take place in Iran. The Iranian State allow the production and distribution of arms to the Armenians, sold them land to build monasteries, and allowed the deserters who participated in armed actions in the Ottoman lands to pass through the border and to protect them. These issues damaged the relations between the two Muslim states. The Ottoman Empire warned the Iranian State about the Armenians by emphasizing that they should not act against each other because they belong to the same religion. İn order to ensure public security and order, Ottoman wanted İran to do his part. However, Iran State has said that it has done more than necessary. Iran has somehow fudge this complaints.


Ottoman, Iran, Armenians, Hakkari, Border


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