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Socıal Studıes Teachers 'Vıews on Community Centers

The Early Republican Period was a turning point for the fate of the Turkish nation. The state and the citizen played important roles in the development of the country hand in hand. For this purpose, many institutions were opened. One of these institutions is the Community Centers. In addition to formal education institutions, Community Centers contributed significantly to the educational mobilization with the courses it opened; It is a non-formal education institution that was active between 1932-1951. Although the Community Centers undertook an important mission in the early Republican period, it was seen that the subsequent period was not adequately evaluated within the educational policies. However, it is expected that the Community Centers will be included in the History and Social Studies Curriculum and that the responsible teachers should have sufficient knowledge about the Community Centers. The aim of the study is to learn the knowledge level of Social Studies teacher candidates about the Community Centers and to determine their opinions about this cultural institution. The study group of the study consists of 30 pre-service teachers from Muş Alparslan University Social Studies Education 4th Grade in the 2017-2018 academic year. The opinions of the prospective teachers were obtained through the interview method. The data were analyzed by using qualitative data analysis technique.


Early Republican Period, CHP, Community Centers, Public Education, Social Studies.

Number of pages: 985-1002
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