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Homeland Front in Gaziantep

The Democratic Party, which took power in 1950 elections and received great public support from the people, has accomplished many important works between 1950-54 and in the elections of 1954, it was in power with confidence of the people. However, political and social developments since 1954 brought with it many negative points in terms of political parties. In particular, the economic troubles that have taken place have led to significant social events, the ruling party faced many negative criticisms during this period. Since the elections in 1957, the opposition parties have taken a decision to act jointly against the Democratic Party and are united. In this process, the Democratic Party, which aims to protect its power and its effectiveness, invited its supporters and other sections of the society to unite under the name of the "Homeland Front" against the opposition. The Homeland Front was organized throughout the country and the attendance increased day by day. In this study, the establishment of the Vatan Front, the development and events in Gaziantep, the telegraphs sent from Gaziantep and the documents of the periodicals and archive documents were examined.


Key Words: Democratic Party, Homeland Front, Opposition, Telegraph.

Author : Mehmet BİÇİCİ
Number of pages: 157-175
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