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Ice Hockey In The Historical Process

The ever-changing and evolving sport has changed its nature of being universal through technological developments, the advancement of science and the increasing interest in sports. Like other sports, ice hockey has been affected by this process. The main sources of this change process are the concepts like athletes’ health, increasing the audience, and marketing. Ice hockey, which emerged at the beginning of the 19th century, has spread its universality to the world with the participation of many countries. As ice hockey is an Olympic branch at the level of World Championships and Winter Olympics at the international level, it has more numbers of players and audience in many countries than other sports branches. The aim of this study is to examine the historical process of ice hockey in the international area. In the research, the data were obtained through the general screening and documentation method which is among qualitative approaches. Ice hockey has been described as one of the fastest and hardest team sports in the world and it has been specified as a sport which aims to finalize the game through having a technical and tactical advantage by 5 players and 1 goalkeeper on the ice through scoring a goal with puck, the game ball. While there are not many scientific studies in our country, many aspects of the branch have been scrutinized in the international field. As a result, athlete materials, facility infrastructure information, and organization processes were evaluated during the historical process. It has been revealed that ice hockey has been supported by national and international organizations, there has been an increasing interest from all age groups to the branch, and that it has been spreading throughout the world.


Sport history, Ice hockey, Sport management

Author : Talha MURATHAN - Murat AYGÜN
Number of pages: 600-612
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