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Comparative Analysis of Hungary and Turkey in Terms of History Course Objectıves and Content of Currıculum

The aim of this study is to make a comparative analysis of the aims and contents of history teaching programs in the level of secondary education in Turkey and Hungary. For this purpose, it should be stated that the Hungarian history course is the continuation of the "történelem, társadalmi és állampolgári ismeretek" (History, Society and Citizenship Information) course given at the secondary education level and that course that has the same name is taught as history, society and citizenship knowledge (történelem, társadalmi és állampolgári ismeretek) in the high school of 9th-12th the classes. In the research, in addition to the analysis of the 9th-12th classes history education of the curriculum in Turkey and the Hungarian education system, the subject of that whether these two countries with a common history memory do and do not address the issue in the Hungarian history education course. İn this study, the research model was used as a research model. Since the study was only a comparative study, document review was conducted and the teaching-learning process and evaluation dimensions of the programs were not considered. Since it is a comparison research, since the comparisons are made through documents, a document review method of the research is also taken as basis.


Keywords: Turkey, Hungary, History Education, Purpose.

Author : Alev DURAN - Zafer TANGÜLÜ
Number of pages: 1-17
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Journal of History School
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