Terrorism as a Major Obstacle to International Peace

Author : Hanefi YAZICI
Number of pages : 1312-1325


The aim of this study is to focus on who does benefit from terrorism. The study claims that terrorism has become common around the world and also created a war industry. The second claim of the study is that this war industry created terror rent. The last claim of the study is that this terror rent prevents international peace. The war industry has begun to involve not only professional soldiers but also the whole society. Especially war games and films for children including music and shows have made war and death facts ordinary. In this context, the article has been prepared by an inductive method from the specific to the general. Thus, a holistic study has been conducted through an eclectic method. As a result of the research the article presumes that unless the international system combats the mechanisms that can threaten itself, international peace will always be kept away. Unfortunately, a terror rent has come into the picture because of the continuous increase in the arms race due to the fight against international terrorism. So far, international actors have not offered a common attitude or action towards terror rents yet. The aim of this study is to contribute to the literature by bringing up this issue to the agenda.


Terrorism, War Industry, International Peace, Terror Rents, Arms Race


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