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Financial Literacy among University Students: “Case of Kırklareli University”

The aim of this study is to determine the financial literacy levels of the students studying at Kırklareli University. In this context, the data obtained from the survey conducted on 558 students were analyzed using SPSS program in order to determine the financial literacy levels of the students. First, the reliability of the questionnaires was tested with Cronbach's Alpha coefficient. Then Pearson chi-squire test analysis was performed to determine whether demographic characteristics differed. According to the results of the analysis, there is a significant relationship between students’ major and financial literacy while their age, gender, grade, educational background, educational status of their parents and the place they live do not have a decisive effect on financial literacy. As a result, it is concluded that they are not financial literate enough although students have knowledge about some basic financial issues.


Financial Literacy, Financial Education, Financial Education, University Student.

Author : Berna AK BİNGÜL - Armağan TÜRK ,Rengin AK
Number of pages: 613-630
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Journal of History School
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