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Future Prospects In Current Art And Technology Relationship

The relationship between art and technology is an issue as old as human history. In this process leading up to the first intervention of humanity into their living spaces with art, there is basically the influence of technology in the context of its application. From a historical point of view, although it is not mentioned for a long time, it is obvious that only innovations implemented with the advancement of technology are closely related to artistic progress. In this context, the most important transformations between art and technology have been the Industrial Revolution and its aftermath. With the effect of innovations that increased the speed of progress made after the Industrial Revolution, humanity moved away from nature and turned to technology and its offerings. For a long time, the reaction of art, which emulates nature and identifies it with mimicry, has been through the aestheticization of industrial products. After this transformation, it is observed that knowledge gained importance as well as industrial product. This type of information is recorded as information that gains meaning with technology. A shift towards this aspect of knowledge has also been observed in art. It is seen that these developments, which have gained importance today, are useful in overcoming human deficiencies in terms of the course of the future. Artificial intelligence and bio-technological studies make these goals more visible. It is observed that collective and multidisciplinary production becomes even more important if the possibilities and characteristics of technology are evaluated in the current art works produced today. Today, it is observed that technology takes on important functions from the performance of art to its expansion, from its announcement to education. Art is more effective at predicting the future, with its paucity of commitment to practical utility as opposed to technology


Art, Technology and Future Vision

Author : Abdül TEKİN
Number of pages: 648-676
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