Tasawof Dimension in the Sawi’s Book Hashiye ala Tafsiri’l-Jalalayn

Author : Nihad DERVİŞEVİÇ
Number of pages : 1275-1311


Despite the fact that Savi’s book named Hashiye alâ Tafsiri’l-Jalaleyn was accepted as one of the best pests written on the Tafsir of Jalaleyn, Tafsir as a commentator in the literature has done little research on this work. This work is rich in different interpretations of the Qur'an, especially in terms of moderate mystical interpretations. This is the feature that makes the essence essential among other things. Accordingly, this study consists of two parts. In the first part, basic information about the life, morality, teachers, students, works he wrote and his relationship with Sufism is given briefly. In the second section, Sufi influences on the commemoration of Sawi written on the Tafsir of Jalaleyn are mentioned. In this section, firstly, the interpretations of the Sufi’s religious and cursory/bathati, then the use of Sufi’s Sufi terminology, the reference of Sufi interpretations, the contribution of parents, submissives, and the interpretations of ideas to the interpretation. Under the heading of condemning the sufis over the Sufis and supporting the Sufi sufis, it was pointed out that he used the weak hadiths to support Sufism’s interpretations and thoughts. This study aims to enrich the literary tafsir literature and fill the gaps in the specified areas.


Qur’anic Interpretation, Tasawof, Jalalayn’s Tafsir, Sawi, Hashiye


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