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Contributions To Adıyaman Dialect Vocabulary: Curses

Curse is a compound name consisting of the bed meaning "bad" in Persian and prayer meaning "asking, asking" in Arabic. The curse, which has an important place in the vocabulary of Turkish, is the words that mean “bad wish” that the person who is exposed to evil, who cannot defend himself, is desperate to defend himself. The reasons for saying the curse are diverse; however, the common feature of all curse is that they appear as a result of negative emotions. They are meaningfully sincere and sincere statements because they appear as a result of a painful, hurtful situation. In this study, 111 curse compiled from Adıyaman city center were gathered and examined in terms of vocabulary. Adıyaman dialect is in the West group according to the classification of Anatolian dialects of Leyla Karahan. Adıyaman dialect, which has traces from the rich history and culture of Adıyaman, offers very original examples in terms of curse. Compiled curse samples are presented as a contribution to Adıyaman's dialect vocabulary.


Curse, Adıyaman Dialect, Curses In Adıyaman Dialect, Vocabulary.

Author : Burak TELLİ - Serdar YAVUZ
Number of pages: 427-439
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