Moral Support Rituals into The Ottoman Army (1787-1858)

Author : Burak KOCAOĞLU
Number of pages : 1471-1489


This work examines some religious rituals that were carried out in order to improve the morale and spiritualy of the soldiers of the Ottoman army, from the end of 18th century to the mid 19th century. The concepts of “Gaza” (Holy War), Jihad and the spiritual support that these provided to the army were the subject of the first part of this paper. In the second part we examined the ceremonies of prayers and surahs that were realised in the Islamic temples like mosques, ‘mescid’ or ‘tekke’, especially the one’s in the important military production facilities. We investigated which prayers and surahs were read in ceremonies in which stlye, to improve the spirituality of the army. In the further parts of the paper we examined how the two important religious Works were used in the ceremonies: “Şifâ-i Şerif” and “Buhârî-i Şerîf”. In this part, we investigated who were the one’s who were reading these Works in the army and what were the opportunities for them that was provided by the state. In the last part of this work, we exposed some of the problems that soldiers faced while doing their religious service, and what solutions were developed by the state to solve these issues.


Mosque, Prayer, Ottoman Army, Ritual, İnfidel.

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