Arrangements Made in the Administrative Structure of Muş during the Republican Period (1927-1980)

Author : Bilal TUNÇ
Number of pages : 1388-1435


Provinces within the administrative government structure of Turkey are both the rural organizations of central governments and one of the local governments. For this reason, administrative structure changes and arrangements imposed there are significant. Provinces, which are the largest of the rural organizations of the central government, are divided into districts, sub-districts, villages and quarters. During the Republican period, some innovations were made in the structures and administrative boundaries of all provinces, especially Muş, in accordance with needs. In this context, this study examines the changes and arrangements made in the administrative structure of Muş during the Republican period. The main purpose and main problem of this study is to find out for what purposes the regulations were made in the administrative borders and administrative boundaries of Muş province from the declaration of the Republic until the year 1980. Across Muş, why new districts, villages or quarters were build, why village status of some villages were repealed and their relevant reasons are examined within the context of data obtained from the Presidential Republican Archive, Turkish Statistical Institute, researches and survey works. Until the early 1960s, there were many non-Turkish names in the settlements of Muş province which is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Names of hundreds of settlement units were changed in Muş as in many provinces within the scope of nationalism policies in Turkey as of 1955 In this context, the reasons for changing the names of many villages in Muş are attempted to be revealed in the light of scientific data. In this study, document analysis technique was used as a method. In these terms, the article titled “Arrangements Made in the Administrative Structure of Muş During the Republican Period (1923-1980)” is a qualitative study; and the data in this study was obtained by using document analysis technique.


Administrative Arrangement, Quarter, Muş, Sub-District, Village.


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