The Effect of Covid-19 on Sports Sector

Author : Hülya BİNGÖL - Şükrü BİNGÖL, İsmail ÖNER
Number of pages : 1890-1909


The new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), which affects the sports world as well as all areas of life emerging in Wuhan, China, has brought sports organizations to a halt worldwide. Based on these thoughts, it was aimed to identify and investigate the possible effects of Covid-19 outbreak on sports industry, organizations, clubs, economy, athletes and football. The research was examined by document analysis method. As a result; the outbreak of Covid-19, which shows a global level, the cancellation of sports organizations and competitions or postponing to future dates caused negative social and economic effects within the scope of sports stakeholders. In this context, it is estimated that sports organizations and institutions will face an indefinite economic cost due to the cancelled and postponed competitions. It can be stated that sports stakeholders should work together in terms of solving this problem.


Sports, Covid-19, Sports organizations, Football, Sports sector


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