Distribution of Academic Personnel and Managers in Universities with Respect to Academic Title and Gender

Author : Cemalettin İPEK
Number of pages : 2394-2430


Recent discussions on gender equality or discrimination continue to be on the agenda in the field of education as it is in different areas. The discussion of gender equality in administrative positions is perhaps the most noticeable debate raised in this context. Researches in this subject show that there is a gap between the rate of women taking place in work life and the rate of having administrative posts. In other words, it is obvious that there is a remarkable gender inequality in administrative positions. However, in these researches, whether there is intentional gender discrimination in administrative positions or women are not demanding enough these tasks remains questionable. In the research, the distribution of academic staff working in state universities and private/foundation universities will be identified, and the distribution of academic staff will be given according to titles and genders in the sample of universities. Moreover, the gender distributions of the academicians in the university administration (rector, vice rector, general secretary, senate members, and board members) will be indicated. In the research, according to the foundation periods among the public universities (universities established before 1990, universities established between 1990 and 2006, and universities established after 2006), 30 universities (10 university from the each of them) and 10 universities among the private universities –a total of 40 universities- were selected as the research sample. The research data were obtained from YÖK web page (YÖK Academic and Higher Education Information Management System) and the web pages of the related universities. Content analysis was performed on the collected data and the results were tabulated and compared according to the purpose of the study.


University administration, academic titles, gender distribution, gender inequality

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