Analyzing The Job Satisfaction Of Physical Education Teachers

Author : ----------- -- Özgür KARATAŞ - Tuba Fatma KARADAĞ - Bengü ŞEKEROĞLU
Number of pages : 371-394


There are many factors determining the job satisfaction of teachers. The purpose of this study is to analyze the job satisfaction levels of physical education teachers in terms of some variables. This is a descriptive survey model. As a measurements tool, a 5-point Likert scale developed by Batıgün and Şahin (2006) was used in the study; this scale was composed of two parts, with the first part composed of demographic questions related to the participants and the second part composed of 32 items and six sub-dimensions directed to measuring the job satisfaction of the participants. The research population constitutes Beypazarı, Ayaş, Nallıhan and Güdül districts of Ankara province and the sampling is composed of randomly selected physical education teachers (n=520) working in public and private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in these districts. Descriptive statistics, t-test for paired comparisons and ANOVA test for more than paired comparisons were applied in data analysis. In conclusion, it has been determined that the variables of sex, income, employment status of spouse, the place lived, management duty, year of profession, age, occupational tenure, number of children and marital status have created significant differences in job satisfaction of the participants while no significant difference has occurred by the variable of education. It can be stated that the efficiency and effectiveness of teachers can be enhanced by revealing the elements which affect the job satisfaction of physical education teachers in this and similar studies and by conducting relevant studies which will increase the job satisfaction of teachers and taking precautions.


Job satisfaction, Teacher, Physical Education

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