Ahmet Rasim’s Travel Impressions of Syria and Palestine

Author : Yasin BEYAZ
Number of pages : 3527-3546


Many important names of Turkish Literature have resided in Syria and Palestine for various reasons and have written their impressions about these places. Ahmet Rasim is also one of them. Ahmet Rasim has travelled to Syrian and the Palestinian territories three times. The first one was the visit of German Emperor Wilhelm II to Syria and Jerusalem in 1898. The second one was in 1904 when he was sent to the region to follow the opening of the Damascus-Maan railway line. The third one was in 1914 when Raid on the Suez Canal occurred. Ahmet Rasim has published his impressions regarding his travels in newspapers and magazines such as Servet, Tasfir-i Efkâr, İkdâm, Sabah, Resimli Persembe, and Donanma Mecmuası and on the books which are called Muharrir Bu Ya and Menâkıb-ı İslam. In this article, author’s ideas about the region, Cemal Pasha, Islamic Unity, Arabs and the army will be covered based on his memories and letters that he wrote in newspapers, magazines and books which we mentioned above about Syria and Palestine. Ahmet Rasim has written them in addition to his memories later after the events occurred and actually he has expressed his real feelings in these writings. In this study, the differences in the author's memories and the reasons will be discussed.


Ahmet Rasim, Cemal Pasha, Syria, Raid on the Suez Canal, Egypt.

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