Investigation of Preservice Primary Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge

Author : Sanem TABAK
Number of pages : 1674-1696


In this research, the pedagogical knowledge of preservice primary teachers was examined in terms of knowledge of curriculum, knowledge of instructional strategies, knowledge of students' characteristics and learning process, knowledge of classroom management, knowledge of classroom assessment components. The participants of this study, which is designed with case study, consists of eight preservice teachers who are studying in the last year of primary education in the Faculty of Education. When the results of the study were examined, it was determined that the preservice primary teachers were planning the lessons, taking into account the learning goals of the lesson, the characteristics of their students, and designing the activities and materials considering the individual differences and different learning characteristics of the students. It was concluded that preservice primary teachers included question-answer and discussion techniques from their teaching strategies. It was stated that the preservice primary teachers based their students' individual differences, needs, interests, motivations, and attitudes; it is determined that they create a sincere, respectful and trust-based classroom environment with their students, and when inappropriate student behaviors emerge, they firstly communicate with students and try to solve the problem. Also, it has been concluded that preservice primary teachers are focused on formative assessment evaluation in the classroom assessment process.


Pedagogical knowledge, Preservice primary teachers, Teacher education.


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