Mandala in Tantric and Esoteric Religious Traditions

Author : Hüsamettin KARATAŞ
Number of pages : 1768-1786


Mandalas are prayer or worship wheels used in groups of Indian and Eastern religions, particularly those that promote mysterious beliefs and advocate Tantric and Esoteric religious practices and understandings. Mandalas are regarded as representations of the most sacred values of faith and worship, as they are used to worship these religious or religious groups or to make certain demands from the supreme beings. Mandalas are usually tables created on a circle or square plane with letters, shapes, pictures, or some special markings. These paintings, which mostly prefer circle, square or vertical rectangular shapes, are seen as objects to be worshiped because they contain figures symbolizing the holy. In some societies, the term mandala may be used in different meanings in relation to the sacred.


Mandala, Tantric, Esoteric, Buddhism, Religious Symbol, Worship, Mantras, Sacred, Ritual, Prayer Wheel

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