Impact of Cooperative Learning Method on Primary School Mathematics and Attitude Towards Mathematics

Author : Yalçın KARALI
Number of pages : 2582-2606


The purpose of this research; To reveal the effect of cooperative learning method on academic success and attitude towards mathematics in fourth grade mathematics lesson in primary school and to determine their thoughts on cooperative method. In the research, single group pretest-posttest pattern was used. The achievements in the "Calculating Perimeter Lengths" unit of the 4th grade mathematics program in the research include "Team Team Tournament Supported Student Teams", which includes the application of the "Team Team Tournament" techniques and "Team Team Tournament" techniques in the experimental group for 23 lessons. Success Departments” technique was applied. The working group of the research is the second year of 2015-2016 academic year. In the period of Malatya Battalgazi district of the Ministry of National Education, it consisted of 20 students, including 10 girls and 10 boys. As the data collection tool, mathematics attitude scale developed by Baykul (1990), mathematics achievement test developed by the researcher, and a questionnaire to evaluate collaborative learning method were applied. In the analysis of the data, the difference between the students' pretest and posttest scores was calculated, progress score sequences were created, and then these difference scores, which are the indicators of the progress of the study group regarding academic achievement and attitude, were compared with the t-test for unrelated samples. Frequency and percentage values were used to analyze and evaluate students' thoughts about collaborative learning. As a result of the research, the combination of the techniques of cooperative learning method did not cause any significant difference in terms of gender on the academic achievements and attitudes of female and male students studying in the experimental group. Students generally expressed a positive opinion about the cooperative learning method.


cooperative learning, academic success, math lesson, math attitude

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