The Effect of Digital Storytelling on Writing Anxiety in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners

Author : Erkan AYDIN -Fatih Mehmet CİĞERCİ
Number of pages : 1078-1097


The aim of the research is to examine whether digital storytelling has an effect on writing anxiety of students who learn Turkish as a foreign language. The research is designed in accordance with the semi-experimental pattern "pre-test and post-test control group" model. The study group of the research consists of B1 level foreign students studying at TOMER in Harran University. In the research, 2 classes at B1 level were selected in TÖMER. These classes are divided into experimental and control groups through unbiased appointment. The research was carried out with a total of 40 students, 21 of whom were experimental groups and 19 were control groups. The duration of the research based on digital stories took ten weeks. The implementation started from B1 level and continued until the end of B2 level. The data of the research; It was collected with the “Writing Anxiety Scale” prepared by Şen and Boylu (2017) for those who learn Turkish as a foreign language. In the data analysis of the research, t-test was used to evaluate writing anxiety and two-way variance analysis test for mixed measurements. SPSS 23.0 package program was used in the analysis of the data. As a result of the research, it was revealed that there was a significant difference in favor of the experimental group according to the post-test scores of the writing anxiety of the experimental and control group students.


Turkish As a Foreign Language, Writing, Writing Anxiety, Digital Storytelling

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