Rural Overview of The Kadro Journal / Movement

Author : Muhammet Ali SAĞLAM
Number of pages : 3450-3477


Rural as a fundamental problem field of the Turkish economic thought has been frequently treated under the hegemonic discourse of modernization beginning with the late Ottoman Period till Early Republican Period. The problem fields related with the rural such as property inequality, mechanisation in agriculture, productivity, debt-making mechanisms, and usury were frequently becoming a point of order within the parameteres of this perspective which expresses a continuity in thinking. Turkey, which was caught to the 1929 crisis in its earlier phases of capitalist development, invited to the forefront intellectuals in order to formulate policies in line with state inteventionism/state capitalism to the increasingly chronic economic crisis effectinng not only rural classes but larger stratas of the society. Kadro movements with Peker, İnönü, Ağaoğlu, Başar and Bayar gave response to this invitation and through a journal formulate ideas to state elites about various aspects of society including rural problems. This study analyses how Kadro writers dealt with the problem areas of rural life within the framework of developmentalist discourse. In this context, the study tries to clarify how the problem fields mentioned above was engaged with the analysis of the functioning periodical/mental framework.


Kadro Journal, Rural, Economic Thought, Usury, Feudality, Development

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