Enriching of the Vocabulary in Turkish Teaching Programs as a Foreign Language

Author : Aslı MADEN
Number of pages : 1822-1857


In the study, it is aimed to analysis Turkish teaching programs as a foreign language in terms of enriching vocabulary. The research was carried out according to the qualitative approach. The data source of the research consists of the Teaching Turkish Program as a Foreign Language of Turkish Maarif Foundation and the Ministry of National Education Foreign Languages Turkish (A1, A2, B1, B2 Level Course) Programs. In the research, the data obtained were collected according to the document analysis technique. Content and descriptive analysis techniques were used together in the analysis of the data obtained. As a result of the research, it has been determined that there is a general purpose expression for enriching vocabulary in Turkish teaching programs as a foreign language, explanations are given to guide the learning-teaching process and a different number of acquisitions are prepared for learning areas. In addition, it has been concluded that there is a more detailed and balanced picture in Maarif Foundation program in terms of the number of acquisitions for vocabulary, distribution of gains according to learning areas and skill levels. In Ministry of National Education programs, it was observed that the number of attainment and distribution to learning areas and language skill levels was limited. In addition, it has been determined that Maarif Foundation program has superior features in terms of continuity between the acquisitions for vocabulary prepared for different learning areas.


Turkish language, foreign, vocabulary, teaching, program.


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