Ottoman-Iran Relations According to the Iran Ahkâm Book (1823-1908)

Author : Melike SARIKÇIOĞLU -Süleyman Hilmi AKIN
Number of pages : 2152-2186


Although the Ottoman-Iranian relations have undergone long-running struggles and chal- lenges, at the basis of this struggle lies the question of the sole leadership of the Islamic world. This first victory achieved by the Ottoman Empire with the Çaldiran War was accepted tiring battle for both sides had begun. After the 1823 Treaty of I.Erzurum, the Ottoman Empire and Iran, which adapted to the era, wanted to solve their problems through diplomatic contacts in the context of interstate law, but in this respect especially border conflicts were an obstacle in the resolution of disputes. It was also understood that the most important anticipation of the Iranian state from the Ottoman period in the subjects discussed in this period was the treatment of the Iranian visitors during the visit to the holy places, and the issue of consular deputies carrying out the business of Iranian business in commercial and public matters. As a matter of fact, the theses related to the subject were found in many places. The notebook classification that will be the source of our study was made under the A.DVN.DVE.d044 / 2 shirt number. It was defined as the Iranian Law of Book between 1823-1908


Ottoman, İranian, Düvel-i Ecnebiye Books, ahkam books, consul.

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