Holistic Transformation of Marketing in the Light of New Facts

Author : Arif YILDIZ
Number of pages : 1992-2006


In today's world, where technology is developing, globalization is spreading and the social responsibilities of businesses are increasing, there are great changes in customer demands, needs and expectations. In order to satisfy new customers and present values in line with their expectations, businesses must also have a number of new talents. In this study, the subject of holistic marketing, which is of great importance in the creation of effective marketing strategies and programs, is examined in detail. Holistic marketing understanding; is a holistic marketing approach that includes relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal and marketing, and performance marketing. Within the scope of the statement “Marketing is not insignificant to be left only to marketers”, all departments and employees of the business as a whole should be interested in marketing activities. Achieving the expected goals of the business will be possible thanks to the devoted efforts of different departments that act in harmony with each other and the adoption of each business. In this context, firstly, necessary information about holistic marketing was obtained and synthesized in line with the current literature and literature review. Then, in the light of new facts, explanations were made regarding the steps that marketing managers should follow. Academic studies on holistic marketing are almost nonexistent, especially in the national literature. Therefore, this study; it can serve as a resource for marketers, academics, executives and others.


Holistic, Holistic Marketing, New Facts, Today's Marketing


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