Chess of Ice Sports: The Historical Journey of Curling

Author : Kübra ÖZDEMİR -Kenan ŞEBİN
Number of pages : 3372-3382


Sports, which changes in terms of interaction and conditions in today's conditions, has been an indispensable tool throughout life in terms of revealing the talents of people and displaying the fighting spirit. It is an indispensable part of the sport that people evaluate their free time, protect their health, compete in accordance with the rules and watch them in top emotions in terms of excitement. The aim of this study was to examine the historical and international sport of curling process in Turkey. In the research, data were obtained by general screening and documentation method. Although Curling was played in Northern European countries, Scotland, which was played as its homeland in about 1500 years, it developed in time and spread to almost all countries by gaining the qualification of being an Olympic branch at the level of the World Championship and Winter Olympics in the International Arena. In the literature, curling sports is a branch of sports where intelligence and traditional methods are applied, which does not prevent the opponent from playing in the best way and includes 4 main and 1 substitute player. The aim of this game is expressed as a branch of sports with a traditional spirit based on honorable struggle on ice. While there are not many scientific studies about curling sport that is known and loved in our country as of 2009, the studies of the branch in the international arena have been examined and handled. As a result, information about Curling's becoming widespread in historical time, athletes' equipment and game place were evaluated. Thanks to the national and international competitions, it has been observed that the development of curling sport has been supported, this sport has increased the interest in the branch to cover all age groups and has spread worldwide, including our country.


Curling, Sport History, Chess of Ice.

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