Digital Design as a visual instructional material: Visited, Discovered, Taught

Author : Genç Osman İLHAN -Mert Mustafa AK, Muhammed Faruk ERDOĞAN
Number of pages : 2458-2484


Students have different learning styles and therefore teachers need to be able to address multiple senses while teaching. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to use various teaching tools and materials in the lessons. Materials provide multiple learning environments by addressing different senses when used in the right and necessary places. Comic books, which still appeal to a wide audience and still have a solid place in their bumpy adventure as a branch of art, combine writing and visuals to be an effective visual medium. Within the scope of this study, an educational comic medium consisting of 32 squares was designed on the basis of the objective of "Students explain the importance of democracy in our social life" on the Social Studies 6th Grade Effective Citizenship learning area. In addition to the acquisition mentioned in the study, increasing the awareness of students about children's rights was seen as a separate objective. The material was created on the internet through the comic book site Pixton. While conveying a concept such as democracy that is intangible and therefore difficult to understand by students and values that are intangible about it, such as equality, justice, freedom, and tolerance; it was preferred to use materials which are supported with visual elements such as comics. In addition, Social Studies lessons in which verbal subjects are dominant have largely been trapped in the monopoly of direct instruction technique. In order to save Social Studies lessons from this monopoly, the existence of teachers who use different mediums with different methods and techniques in their lessons is vital. Thus, it is thought that the material developed may be a reference source for educators who want to use comics or hesitate to use comics in educational environments.


Social studies, educational comics, visual medium, active citizenship, digital comics

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