The War of Gods in Marsyas Mythology

Author : İlker IŞIK
Number of pages : 2964-2988


This study is based on Marsyas mythology, to reveal the effectiveness of ancient mystery religions in Anatolia, the works related to this myth in antiquity and afterwards, and how the myth was perceived in antiquity. The acceptability of beliefs and rituals within the social structure of the period, the clash of the existing cults with each other and the historical reality of the allegorical transfer in myth are examined. While stating this, the interpretation of the myth is provided with a different perspective by considering geography, political situation, people and concepts besides the temporal criterion. In addition, in this study, besides the allegorical and metaphoric narrative in myth, it was tried to give information about the approach of the ancient man to the phenomenon of religion as well as considering the realistic sides of the event. In this context, gods and goddesses directly mentioned in mythology and god beliefs that are active in the region are addressed one by one and their qualities and historical backgrounds are emphasized. In addition, the relations of these beliefs with each other are examined and the conflict or adoption features within the society based on their common or different characteristics are discussed.


Marsyas, Mythology, Aulos, Apollon, Dionysos, Orpheus.

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