Haldun Taner's “Neden Sonra…” on The Basis of Text Linguistic Cohesion and Coherence

Author : Onur YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 3392-3417


Text linguistics is a discipline that deals with the text and examines the different connections of a sentence within itself and with other sentences. In addition, text linguistics argues that the sentence is not sufficiently alone meaningful in a narrative and that it completes its meaning as a result of some connections with other sentences. Because the text is not just a consecutive sequence of sentences. The text gives different meanings as a whole when all the sentences are considered. According to text linguistics, it is known that a correct and effective text should have cohesion, coherence, acceptability, intentionality, informativity, situationality and intertextuality. Of these criteria, cohesion and coherence are two very important elements for the text. Cohesion, is all of the language-related features that establish in-text relationships that make a text of a writing; is to explain basic semantic relationships through any piece of writing or speech that can function as text. Coherence is the meaning and logic relation between words when creating a text; is the logical link in the text. Cohesion is related to the structure of a text or grammatical, coherence its logic or meaning. The purpose of this study; is to reveal whether the text linguistically functional of Haldun Taner's story named "Neden Sonra…", which is one of the great story writers of Turkish literature, on the basis of cohesion and coherence, which is two important criteria of being an accurate and effective text. While the text linguistic view of the story about the communication conflicts caused by the love between the two people who agreed to go to the cinema is being given, anaphora, cataphora, substitution, ellipsis, conjuction elements, lexical cohesion under the title of cohesion; specialize, generalization, cause-effect, contrast and comparison are examined under the title of coherence.


Linguistics, Text Linguistics, Cohesion, Coherence, Neden Sonra.

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