Turkish bath as a Cultural Value and Its Use in Legends

Author : N. Gamze ILICAK
Number of pages : 3581-3603


Turkish bath (hammam) is a world of its own, a structure where privacy and socialization take place. Marble columns, engraved washbowls, hot springs and light beaming from domes create a dreamy and magical universe for the visitors. Hammam is a world in a universe. It is a place where material and spiritual purification occurs, and a home to supernatural beings. Interpersonal relationships are established in a hammam, people socialize, social stratification is exposed, plots and conspiracies take place there. Hammam means folk medicine. It exposes the rituals of the transition period. Hammam is a world that finds a role for itself in various disciplines including music, art, miniature, sculpture, movie, art and communication science. Turkish baths are in literature, fine arts, economy, actually everywhere concerning life. Turkish bath’s reflections in different disciplines should be discussed. Turkish bath has been a source of inspiration for folk songs, poems, rhymes, fairy tales, many works of anonymous literature. Turkish baths seen in almost every product of anonymous folk literature are examined regarding “the relationship between Turkish bath and legend” in this study. Turkish baths are mostly seen in studies on genres like tales. It could be interpreted that the place of Turkish bath in different types of anonymous literature is worth examination. In this study, the importance of Turkish bath as a cultural value and its reflections in different literary genres were addressed. The review method, one of the qualitative research models was used in the study. The data obtained after the document review were evaluated with “descriptive analyses”. Moreover, “20 narratives concerning Turkish baths” among 150 narratives examined were included in the study and an observation was presented. The study is important in terms of revealing the relationship between Turkish baths and the legends.


Anonymous Folk Literature, Legend, Turkish Bath, Water.

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