Examining The Technological Leadership Features of Managers; An Applıcation in the Service Industry

Author : Mesut KASAP
Number of pages : 3653-3669


The purpose of this research is to determine the technological leadership characteristics of service managers. In the research, relational scanning model, one of the quantitative research models, was used. Service managers working in the Marmara Region constitute the universe of the research. The sample group of the study consists of service managers working in a public institution of a province in the Marmara Region. "Technology Leadership Competencies Scale of Educational Managers" was used in the study. Explanatory factor analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, t-test and ANOVA statistical analyzes were performed on the data obtained in the study. It is observed that the majority of service managers participating in the study received in-service training on technology. Service managers see themselves as visionary leaders. Service managers state that they are doing the necessary work to ensure the continuous development of the school in the field of technology. There is a significant difference between visionary leadership, digital age learning culture, excellence in professional development, systematic development and digital citizenship factors in the technological leadership scale and the gender of service managers, whether they receive in-service training or not, their professional seniority and fields (being classroom teachers and branch teachers).


Service Managers, Technological Leadership, Visionary Leadership Relational Scanning Model.

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