The Existential Connection in The Soil Main Rom

Author : Kemal ŞAMLIOĞLU
Number of pages : 3383-3391


In a sense, man’s attachment to his nature means his attachment to his condition of existence. Because nature is the constitutive element of nature and points to the order of life at the cosmos level. Individual’s detachment from nature; It means breaking away from its nature and conditions of existence, losing its naturalness, becoming artificial and commoditized. Nature, which is the individual's own condition of existence, symbolizes the experience and thus historicity, that is, memory. Cengiz Aytmatov’s novel Mother Earth is an important novel that tells about man’s orientation to his nature, finding himself there and ensuring its continuity with the soil. The soil, which is the founding element of nature in the Turkish-Islamic tradition, is expressed in some traditional texts with the image of the mother. As the land is the land on which we live, the protective qualities of human beings are generally the home of society. The individual gaining identity with his mother means gaining his identity with the land of the society. The landless society is doomed to lose its identity and disappear from the stage of history. Soil acts as a root that gives man his identity. In this context, Aytmatov is a person who knows that a nation can survive with its roots. Therefore, Aytmatov’s aim is to direct the Turkish people to their land / nature to find themselves and keep their memory alive.


Mother Earth, Aytmatov, existence, memory, tradition.

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