Rethinking Economic Sociology: A New Trend in Economic Sociology

Author : Yaşar KAYA
Number of pages : 3547-3567


Economic sociology has been used as a concept since 1879. Economics sociology, which requires looking at the economic events from the perspective of the sociology discipline, has been one of the important topics of sociology in the process starting with the evaluations of Weber and Durkheim. Economic sociology is not a field that almost every sociologist deal with, such as social change, social structure, inequality and social differentiation, but it is the intersection of sociology and economics. Changes in economic policies and practices affect the reputation of economic sociology. The policy changes implemented after the 1980s have increased the importance of economic sociology. In this period, traditional boundaries separating economics and sociology began to be redefined. The most important difficulty of economic sociology is the excess of sociological approaches compared to economic policies. One of the ways to overcome this difficulty is to define human and those related to human. In this study, the human depiction of social sciences was re-evaluated, the relationship between people's actions and structure was questioned.


Homo Economicus, Social Structure, Economic Action, Economic Policy, Culture, Economic Tradition.

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