Examination of the 21st Century Skills of Prospective Social Studies Teachers in Terms of Various Variables

Author : Selman ABLAK
Number of pages : 3316-3334


The 21st century has witnessed rapid changes and innovations. In this aspect, people are expected to make constant improvements and renewals to catch up with the era. In order to meet these needs and developments, new skills and knowledge are required. While acquiring these knowledge and skills, the influence of education becomes more evident since it helps individuals to get equipped with these skills. Today, almost every country aspires to have individual equipped with the 21st century skills. To fulfill this expectation, countries try to upskill individuals through education. Turkey has a similar expectation. Following from this, with the turn of the 21st century, equipping individuals with the 21st century skills, which can be regarded as a new dimension of skills training and which are of integral importance in Turkish education system, is becoming increasingly important. Determining the 21st century skills of preservice teachers is attracting considerable interest since they will be at the center of the school system as a part of education. This study attempts to determine the 21st century skills of prospective social studies teachers and evaluate them in terms of various variables. “Multidimensional 21st Century Skills Scale”, which was developed by Çevik and Şentürk (2019), has been used for data collection. SPSS package program has been used to analyze the data. As a result of the research, it has been concluded that the prospective social studies teachers, who have participated in the research, are equipped with the 21st century skills at “sufficient” and “very good” levels. Furthermore, it has been concluded that the years that prospective social studies teachers have spent during undergraduate education are effective in their acquisition of the 21st century skills.


21st century, Skill, Prospective teachers, Social studies.

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